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Q.Wang Gallery

About Q. Wang

One day, I drove down the Venice Blvd., I saw two pretty pictures on a yard sale. I stop my car and bought them. They are printings of Maurice Utrillo's paintings. I don't know Utrillo at all at that time. But I like the pictures so much, so I do some research and found that Utrillo is a famous artist of France, and his story lead me to the road of painting.

I went to West Los Angeles College, to apply an evening painting class. Usally, a college will not let a student to learn painting without a drawing background, but WLAC give me a chance, even I have no any art background at all.

My English is limited, and my teacher, Mr. Carlos Ramos, came from Mexico, I can not follow the teacher's instruction very well. I just guess what he said. My first painting is a duplication of my teacher's work. The other teachers and students said that my work is better than my teacher's. Since then, the door of my creative reserva was opened.

As a new immigrant, life is tough sometimes, especialy when your English is not good enough. Different culture often cause misunderstanding and conflict. Nature and freedom are the main tones of my paintings. My paintings are music, still music. If you listen it by heart, it will wake your spirit up.

Q. Wang

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